Camp Ferguson updates and teaser

After a long few months of editing work, I’m pleased to announce that my next novel, Camp Ferguson, is finally ready to be read! I’ll be posting the official teaser soon. In the meantime, if anyone out there wants to help me out by reading over this draft and telling me what you think, I’d really appreciate it. Get in touch with me however you want and I’ll send you along a copy. Any feedback, whether it’s just overall impressions or details edits, is helpful to me. Thanks! I’m hoping to have this one published by the end of the summer, if all goes well.

In the meantime, here’s the teaser for my new book:

If you’re a fan of teenage wizards, it’s time to grow up…or maybe not.

Meet Danny Falco: a shy, geeky, and painfully awkward college freshman who has a phobia for most any occasion. He’s lived in the shadow of his successful older brother his entire life, and to top it all off, now he’s discovered that he has the added burden of having the ability to use magic. He doesn’t see how things can get much worse.

Meet Jack Ferguson: a wise-cracking, street-smart school dropout whose only real passion in life is playing practical jokes on everybody else. He’s already convinced he’s the coolest guy around, and as if more proof were needed, he’s now gained some amazing magical powers. He doesn’t see how things can get much better.

But the unlikely friendship between these two boys is about to turn the magical world upside-down, as they’re whisked off by government agents to a secret training camp high in the Rocky Mountains, run by an incompetent but tyrannical scoutmaster. As they make some new friends–as well as plenty of new enemies–our heroes will charm their way along the front lines while debating the most burning questions of their existence: why are they here? Why do they have these powers? And how many pranks will it take before they get kicked out of this camp for good?

Magic happens.


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