The Story So Far…

Hey everyone. Sorry it’s been a while since I last updated you on the progress of my writing, but until recently the going has been slow and there really wasn’t that much to talk about. Since the start of 2017 though, I’ve really stepped things up to the point where I think the rough draft (well, more like the third rough draft) of “Camp Ferguson” will probably be finished by the middle of this year, if not before. Along with editing and everything else, that puts me on track to definitely get published again this year, even if it’s only in the final few months. I only have about two and a half more chapters left to write before the (mis)adventures of Jack and company are completely documented. Then it’s on to Book Two…or “The Showstopper 2”? Or something else? I honestly haven’t decided yet.

I have to say, while there’s plenty of things I’m now looking back on and want to change about the draft of “Camp Ferguson” so far, I’m very happy with how it’s coming together. I just don’t think I quite nailed down the mix of humor and plot in the previous versions, nor the characters themselves, but this version does it a lot better than my other attempts. I’m focusing a lot more on getting the characters and their motivations across, as well as having a coherent story, rather than just the jokes and humor. Consequently, I think the story might be a bit more serious in tone than I’d like, but I don’t know if I’m the most objective reader at this point. Best to let the audience decide these things. Sometimes as a creator of something like this you get to the point where you just doubt everything you’ve done, and if it was up to you, you’d never get the thing published because you’d never run out of things to change. At some point you just have to let it go and see what happens.

Once I do get the book published, I’ll also be having a book signing event locally here in Ithaca, so keep your eyes open for that, and of course I’ll be teasing the chapters a bit on my blog here. Stay tuned for more updates as they come!


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