Seeking Readers for Camp Ferguson

Hello once again, my faithful fans and readers! I’m coming to you today with excellent news: I’m getting oh-so-close to finishing off the final(ish) draft of my latest novel, “Camp Ferguson”. There’s only about a chapter and a half left to go, if that, which hopefully won’t take me too much longer. Looks like I will end up meeting my self-imposed deadline at the end of this month after all, assuming no other hangups happen in the meantime.

So now comes the time for the next step: letting people actually read my work. Yes, I’m actually feeling confident enough and comfortable enough with this latest draft to let other people see it. Of course, the main point here is letting other people help me with my last edits and suggesting changes that could make this story the best possible version of itself.

The entire story is just over 200 pages long, which is fortunately for you shorter than my first book, “The Showstopper!”, but for those of you who have been following my writing journey, it’s proven to be much more technically challenging. But in any case, I’m very nervous yet interested to know what people think of my latest effort. If you would be interested in reading my draft and giving me some thoughts and reactions, you can reach out to me via my Facebook page or email me at I look forward to hearing from you all, and I’ll send along a finalized copy of the rough draft for you to look over as soon as I’m finished with it. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

Also, while I have a whole host of questions so long that it would take me forever to write them down here, I do have some suggested guided reading questions for you to ask yourself while you read “Camp Ferguson”. They can be found below.

–Is the story funny? Does it make you laugh, and if so, how much and how often?

–Do you like the characters? Which ones are your favorites, and why? Are they well-constructed?

–Does the nature of the relationship between Tessa and Jack and its progression make sense? Is it organic?

–Is there enough detail about the nature of magic, the secret magical world, and how it relates to the normal world to construct a believable world with logical rules?

–Does the plot against Jackalope Troop progress in a logical manner over the course of the story? Does it have a satisfying conclusion?


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