Camp Ferguson Has Arrived!

Well everyone, the day has finally arrived. My second novel, “Camp Ferguson”, is now available for everyone to buy on And not only would I like as many people to buy it as possible (obviously), but I’d also really like to hear more people’s feedback on how they like it! So pick up a paper copy for $9.99 or just get the much less pricey Kindle version, whatever works best for you. It’s just in time for the holidays, too, so it might just be the perfect gift to help out a budding writer and give someone in your family who likes young wizards, humor, and adventure some opportunity for quality entertainment.

For those of you who may need a refresher, here’s the back cover blurb to whet your appetite for this awesome story:

Jack Ferguson isn’t your average guy, and he knows it. So when he finds out that he’s also a nascent wizard with incredibly powerful magical abilities, he just kind of goes with the flow. But he’s about to get more than he bargained for when he gets dropped into a government-sponsored boot camp where young wizards are drilled into the ground by the tyrannical Scoutmaster Rudolph von Hasselberry.

To make it through the summer, Jack will have to assemble a ragtag team of rejects and outcasts, including two uncomfortably close best friends, a socially awkward genius, a driven and outspoken military brat, a sullen and sarcastic rich boy, and an underachieving geek to bring chaos to order and justice to Camp Prospero. Can they fight the power…or will they just end up fighting each other?

And of course the cover art drawn rather crudely by yours truly:


Not too bad, right? Oh, and of course here’s one more picture of the proud father with his new baby (metaphorically):


Yeah, I think you could say I’m pretty happy.

Plus, “Camp Ferguson” has already gotten some rave reviews from the people who know it best:

“This is way better than your last book.” — My parents

“Pretty good.” — Some guy I work with

“I laughed so hard this book had me rolling on the floor.” — Okay, that one was me. But seriously, I crack myself up sometimes.

And of course, if you want an autographed copy of my book, feel free to reach out to me directly via Facebook, Twitter, or what have you, and I’m sure we can work something out. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. You’ve made my dreams come true. Again.

Now, on to book two!


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