My 1,000-Follower Giveaway Announcement!

Hello dear readers and fans! This weekend I’m feeling very special indeed, because after only about five months as part of the Twitter community, I’ve reached over 1,000 followers. This was a big, big landmark for me personally when I started out, and now that I’ve achieved it, my desire to make it on social media is stronger than ever.

Thanks to each and every one of your for all your support along the way. Seriously, I’ve made so many friends among the writers I’ve gotten to know on Twitter, even though we’ve never met in real life, it’s crazy. You all are amazing, and I hope you know that. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently.

To that effect, as a thank-you to everyone involved with getting me this far, I’m having a book giveaway! Here’s how it’ll work: I’ll be posting this announcement on my social media pages, and following this formula…

Twitter (@krobertson1392): Like or retweet!

Facebook (Kyle Robertson, Novelist): Like or share!

…those who take part will be entered into a random drawing. The winner will receive, for free, a signed and autographed copy of both my books currently published: The Showstopper! and Camp Ferguson.

Of course you’ll have to tell me where to send them, but just think about it: TWO books, signed by the author of course, FOR FREE! Definitely something worth filling up your reading time for. (By the way, if you want to just go ahead and buy any of these books and support our writers, they’re available on Amazon!)

Here’s the best part though: you could potentially be entered into the drawing up to FOUR TIMES! If you both Like and Retweet, or Like and Share, I’ll enter you twice. If you do three or even all four of these things, I’ll enter you as many times as you did them, up to four maximum. And all you have to do is click a few buttons! Pretty sweet, right?

Anyway, that about wraps it up for my announcement, but I really do hope you’ll participate and get yourself a chance to win some really awesome stories for free! And again, thanks to all my precious writer friends on Twitter and elsewhere. I plan on keeping up the hard work I’ve put in until now, and I hope you do, too. You’re all awesome!


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