Some Writing Updates, and a New Project!

Hi everyone!

Once again, I apologize for the amount of time between posts for me–with everything going on in my life, I tend to get distracted from things like, say, keeping my website up to date. I’ve got quite a bit of news to share this time around, but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. It’s a bit of a bad news, good news, better news situation.

The bad news: Unfortunately, due to some ongoing edits and other projects, I’m going to have to push back my anticipated release of Jack Ferguson Strikes Back (book two of the “Camp Ferguson” series) to sometime next year. When exactly? I’m not sure. Right now I’m in the middle of some re-edits for the original Camp Ferguson, inspired by my ongoing grad school learning and some awesome feedback from friends in the writing community. I know it’s already a self-published novel, but I want to make sure anything I put out there is the best it can be, and the great thing about being a self-published author is if you want to, you can do things like this! I’ve been working on my Camp Ferguson rewrites for a couple of months now, and I’m more than halfway through. The other half of the bad news is that I’m also going to be putting this project on hold, at least temporarily. That’s because of the good news, though…

The good news: I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year! I’ve avoided this in the past because I’m uncomfortable working on deadlines for creative projects, but what can I say? This year I’m just in the writing spirit. Originally I thought about just keeping up with my revisions through NaNo, but after working on Camp Ferguson for several months now, I feel like I need a break, and I’ve been dying to do something new.

Hence, the even better news: I’ve got a new book project! Because I wanted to start something new for NaNo, I’ve settled on a long-delayed idea as my work for the month–it’s a military sci-fi thriller, and the first book in a series I’m tentatively calling “Megacyte.” Following the model of books like DuneThe Expanse, and others, it’s an epic saga involving a giant, planet-sized parasite and the fate of the human race. Ambitious? Yes, probably. But this story is SO cool and I can’t wait to get started on it. For those of you who want a teaser, he’s my jacket blurb so far:

In the not-so-distant future, a mining operation on Earth’s moon goes awry and reveals a terrifying truth: the object orbiting our planet was never natural, but is in fact a long-dormant, planet-sized extraterrestrial parasite of unknown origin. The organism latches onto the Earth and starts burrowing into its core, causing untold devastation across the globe.

Three years later, Lt. Diego “Ash” Ashford is transferred to a new survivor’s base as conditions worsen on our now-hostile world and remaining pockets of humanity struggle to hang on. There, he’s reunited with his superior officer and longtime friend Mj. John Anderson and his brilliant scientist wife, Dr. Ellie Cho–with whom Ash shares a complicated past. Anderson has an ambitious plan to take the fight to the aliens and stop the destruction, and wants Ash along for the ride–but infiltrating the massive construct known as the “Megacyte” is only the beginning of their ordeal.

No one is prepared for the wonders–or horrors–that await in the belly of the beast, and as simmering nationalistic tensions threaten to divide the team and undermine the mission, Ash, Ellie, and Anderson are all forced to battle demons both without and within. Their success, or failure, may determine the very future of the human race.

Hope you’re interested, because I’m thrilled to get started on this! You can follow my progress on my NaNo page, or just find my username (krobnovelist, same as Twitter) if you want to be buddies with me! I can use all the accountability I can get. Thanks for listening, and happy reading and writing!


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