The Showstopper!

The time is 1922. The place is New York City–specifically, on Broadway: where the days are short, and the nights are long and filled with every kind of entertainment you can imagine. But all is not well in this dazzling, decadent world. A masked criminal is stalking the streets and haunting the theaters, leaving disaster in his wake. No stage production is safe from his devious methods of sabotage.

In the opinion of janitor Tom Wilkins, the snobbish actors and managers surrounding him are getting exactly what they deserve at the hands of the vigilante known only as “the Showstopper.” But a chance encounter will soon plunge him into a deadly game of cat and mouse against a madman whose goal is nothing less than the total destruction of Broadway and all of its inhabitants. Caught in the whirlwind along with a beautiful young actress, a refined gentleman theater owner, and a rookie Irish police officer, Wilkins will have to use all his skills to expose the mastermind behind the curtain pulling all of their strings, before the lights go out on show business–and his own life–forever.


Camp Ferguson

Jack Ferguson isn’t your average guy, and he knows it. So when he finds out he’s also a wizard with incredibly powerful magical abilities, he just kind of goes with the flow. But he’s about to get more than he bargained for when he’s dropped into a government-sponsored boot camp where young wizards are drilled into the ground by the tyrannical Scoutmaster Rudolph von Hasselberry.

To make it through the summer, Jack will have to assemble a ragtag team of rejects and outcasts, including a cynical con-artist, a socially-awkward genius, a driven and outspoken military brat, a sullen, sarcastic rich boy, and an underachieving geek to bring justice to Camp Prospero. Together, can they fight the power, or will they just end up fighting each other?


Jack Ferguson Strikes Back

As most of them enter their second year of magical training at the government-sponsored Camp Prospero, Jack Ferguson and his teen wizard friends think they have a summer of smooth sailing ahead. Their enemies are gone–well, for the most part–and their vindictive, incompetent scoutmaster has been fired. But they’re in for a rude awakening when the camp welcomes a new leader who’s secretly a hundreds-of-years-old witch, an expert in dark magic, and whose goals include nothing short of dominion over all of existence.

Playtime is over, and Jack and his gang, with some new additions, are forced to take their resistance underground while they search for an ancient mystical artifact that could tip the balance in the battle. But what everyone dreads–and no one more than Jack–is the realization that he himself may be the real ultimate weapon.


The Road to Ithaca

Odysseus Wyatt Turner–Wyatt to his friends, of which there aren’t many–is lost at sea, stuck at a dead-end job with no prospects and no future. But that’s about to change when he gets a letter from far-off Ithaca, New York, informing him that his estranged father has died and left him something in his will. Wyatt knows he has to act fast, or risk having whatever that something is yanked away by the rest of his no-good, selfish, greedy family.

His solution: enlist a motley crew consisting of his aloof ex-girlfriend and surfer-bro buddy on a wacky road trip across the country to claim what’s rightfully his. They’ll face many obstacles on their sometimes perilous, sometimes hilarious, and always ridiculous journey through the heart of America, including a grudge-bearing gang of women bikers who want Wyatt’s inheritance for themselves. But Wyatt will find the biggest thing standing in the way of his moving forward might just be himself.


Megacyte: Impact

In the not-so-distant future, a mining operation on Earth’s moon goes awry and reveals a terrifying truth: the object orbiting our planet was never natural, but is in fact a long-dormant, planet-sized extraterrestrial parasite of unknown origin. The organism latches onto the Earth and starts burrowing into its core, causing untold devastation across the globe.

Three years later, Lt. Diego “Ash” Ashford is transferred to a new survivor’s base as conditions worsen on our now-hostile world and remaining pockets of humanity struggle to hang on. There, he’s reunited with his superior officer and longtime friend Mj. John Anderson and his brilliant scientist wife, Dr. Ellie Cho–with whom Ash shares a complicated past. Anderson has an ambitious plan to take the fight to the aliens and stop the destruction, and wants Ash along for the ride–but infiltrating the massive construct known as the “Megacyte” is only the beginning of their ordeal.

No one is prepared for the wonders–or horrors–that await in the belly of the beast, and as simmering nationalistic tensions threaten to divide the team and undermine the mission, Ash, Ellie, and Anderson are all forced to battle demons both without and within. Their success, or failure, may determine the very future of the human race.

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