The Camp Prospero Files: Danny Falco


The following report and its contents are classified TOP SECRET under Federal Code 7906-A. The information contained within is the exclusive property of the United States Department of Defense, The Bureau of Magical Affairs, and its branch offices. Any unauthorized release will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Interviews conducted by professional staff for the purpose of determining the mental status and fitness of key training camp personnel.


Subject: Danny Falco

Designation: Class 2

Rank: Senior Scout


INTERVIEWER: Thank you for coming, Mr. Falco. Have a seat.

DANNY FALCO: Oh. Umm–sure. [sits and shifts around] Is this okay?

I: Is what okay?

DF: How I’m sitting.

I: [chuckles] You’re sitting fine. You don’t have to be nervous, Mr. Falco. We just want to talk.

DF: Right. Sorry. I mean–okay. That’s all. Okay. I’m trying not to say sorry about everything anymore. My brother told me that. Don’t apologize for things that aren’t your fault.

I: That’s a healthy perspective. That would be Sam Falco, your elder brother, correct?

DF: Yeah.

I: Do you talk often?

DF: Well, we used to, but now–I don’t know. [shifts and looks away] I haven’t heard from him in a while. Do you know what’s going on with him? What he’s been doing? I mean, you work for the BMA, right?

I: Not my department, Mr. Falco. My apologies. Even if I knew, I likely wouldn’t be able to say. Classified, you know.

DF: Uh-huh. Sorry. Damn, I did it again. [touches eyepatch] Man, I’ve got a headache.

I: Does that happen often since your–

DF: No! Well, not often. Just sometimes. It’s kind of weird looking in the mirror, you know? Definitely never thought I’d be, like, a pirate or something. [laughs weakly]

I: If your injury makes you uncomfortable, Mr. Falco, I’m certain the Bureau could pay for some cosmetic surgery. Limited, of course. But we recognize our role in the unfortunate events that transpired at Camp Prospero, and we’d like to make things right if we can.


DF: [gulps] They told me you’d try to do this.

I: Who told you? What?

DF: Tessa and them. That you’d try to buy me off. It’s okay, I’m good.

I: Mr. Falco, this is nothing of the kind. We simply want to–

DF: I said I’m good. [pause] Besides, Jack says girls will think it’s hot.

I: Err–I see. I’m sure I wouldn’t know. But let’s move on. Do you have any reservations returning to Camp Prospero? After all, it was the scene of your–injury.

DF: Huh? No, no way. I mean, I don’t mind it there. It’s not so bad. Well, other than all the threats of expulsion and prison and death and stuff. [pause] Yeah, that didn’t come out right. But the people there are kind of my family. We’ve been through a lot together.

I: Would you include your brother as part of that family?

DF: [frowns] Yeah. Sure. Of course. Why?

I: And you’re certain you have no idea of his whereabouts currently?

DF: No. He doesn’t answer texts or calls anymore. We used to write letters back and forth when I was at camp, but he stopped getting back to me, like, a few months ago.

I: Any friends? Mutual acquaintances?

DF: I don’t know. How come you want to know? Doesn’t he work for you guys?

I: Mr. Falco, you would do well to cooperate with this investigation. If we don’t believe you’ve compiled to a satisfactory degree, there could be consequences.

DF: [gulps] What kind of consequences?

I: I think you know. Now please answer my questions.

DF: Okay. Umm, I mean, yes, sir.

I: Many of your peers and associates, Mr. Falco, have been identified as problematic personnel. Potential subversives. Disruptive influences. If they’re left to their own devices, they could have a detrimental effect on the entire student body at Camp Prospero. We need your help to ensure this doesn’t happen. [looks at notes] You would say you’re close with Jack Ferguson, correct?

DF: I guess so, yeah.

I: The records indicate he’s your best friend. You’re closer to him than anyone at Camp Prospero.

DF: Well, yeah. I mean, I used to be. [sighs] I don’t know. Jack and I started together. We met for the first time when both of us were cadets on the train. He was the first person at camp I knew, so I just kind of stuck with him. Jack’s–umm–a really good guy.

I: But?

DF: But what?

I: Mr. Falco–

DF: Fine, okay. We don’t connect like we used to. Well, I’m not sure Jack and I ever really got each other in the first place, but we were tight, you know? Lately he’s been avoiding me. I think all of us, really. I don’t know what’s going on with him. But it hurts a little.

I: You thought you were closer than that?

DF: I mean–not really. I’m worried about him, that’s all.

I: That’s good, Mr. Falco. And if you are truly concerned for him, you should tell us what we want to know.

DF: What’s that?

I: For a start, where the other pieces of the Spear of Destiny are. We know your classmate Drake Masterson holds one, but the other three have been missing since the Barstowe incident. We suspect Mr. Ferguson and others may have hidden them in a misguided effort to protect them. We need those artifacts, Mr. Falco. We need to make sure they are kept safe.

DF: [squirms] But isn’t it better this way? The Spear’s so powerful, it could do anything. Nobody should have something like that. People just can’t be trusted with it.

I: We’re not people, Mr. Falco. We’re the BMA. No one else is qualified. Certainly not a group of teenagers. Additionally, we need to know whether Mr. Ferguson’s magical abilities are truly gone, or if he is concealing them from us. He is far too powerful to be allowed to walk free with them, without proper precautions and observation.

DF: [shrugs] I don’t know. Jack says he doesn’t have them, and I believe him. You don’t know him. If he did, he’d be using them to pull a prank or something. He’s not dangerous.

I: We respectfully disagree, Mr. Falco. Now, will you help us, or not? The Spear pieces. Where are they?

DF: I don’t know.

I: The truth. Have you heard from your brother?

DF: No!

I: Have Mr. Ferguson’s powers returned?

DF: I don’t know, okay? I said that already. I can’t tell you what you want to know.

I: Can’t, or won’t, Mr. Falco? I’m warning you–

DF: Uh-uh. You can’t make me tell you anything, even if I did know. [takes a deep breath] I know my rights. Is this the part where I ask for a lawyer? Huh?


I: That won’t be necessary, Mr. Falco. You may go.

DF: Right. [gets up, pauses] Permission to speak freely, sir?

I: Of course, Danny. That’s the purpose of these sessions.

DF: Uh-huh. [pauses] Umm–okay. Well, for someone who’s supposed to be helping us feel better, no offense but–uhh–you’re kind of lousy at it. Just saying.


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